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It is important for all our users to read and review this privacy policy of in the way it collects, store, use and protection of personal information. “Personal Information” here means the information which is associated with individual users, be it sellers or buyers who are registered or subscribed with

Since personal information are collected by to identify user in order to provide required services including but not limited to provide customer support, participating in selling and buying experiences.

You expressly consent to us by providing your personal information in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. The privacy policy at any time may be amended to its revised version on the site.

Your personal information

  1. While you go through registration on the Site, you will be providing your personal information, such as your name, email address, contact number and physical address and other similar information as well as some additional information or other identifiable information.
    Additionally, we may in some cases in order for us to verify your identity, request your valid proof of identification (e.g. in the form of a copy of your passport, resident’s visa or permit, national ID card and/or driver’s license).
  2. You may need to input your financial information into the “My Account” section of the Site. We use this financial information for billing purposes and for the fulfilment of your orders.
  3. We may collect your financial information based on your activities using the site solely in relation to the transaction you undertake on the Site.
  4. We may collect your IP address of your device or ISP, the browser information and navigation information along with the number of times visited to analyze user trends and improve the Site’s administration
  5. We may collect feedbacks about your buying or selling experiences, ratings and other comments relating to your use of the Site.

Use of your personal information

  1. will use your personal information to provide customer support or other services related to buying and selling purpose on/through the Site, also to prevent activities which are not relevant, implement of User Agreement, troubleshoot issues, collecting fees, provide you with promotional emails and verifying information.
  2. We will make every effort to preserve your privacy, but in case of any government enquiries, due to abiding rules we may disclose your personal information to comply with law in order to cooperate law enforcement investigation
  3. While selling, your personal information as a seller may be disclosed to any potential buyers to continue the smooth transaction procedure. This personal information should always be kept up-to-date which you provide to us during or after registration.
  4. By providing your information relating to items you are participating to be displayed on the Site, which can include your User ID, feedback ratings, comments and associated items you are selling.
  5. We in no way sell or rent your personal information to any third parties in accordance with this privacy policy.
  6. After registration on this Site, you provide us permission and you express consent to receive promotional emails about our services and emails announcing changes to, and new features on, the Site. You can always opt out of receiving any emails by clicking on the bottom link to unsubscribe.

Use of your personal information and other members

  1. You agree to personal information from another Site member in relation to complete a transaction and shall not receive personal information for any other purposes
  2. You acknowledge and agree to use personal information from other members in accordance with all applicable laws.

Reviewing and amending your personal information

By accessing My Account Section you can review or modify your personal information. In case of major changes you may call our customer support to amend such changes under your personal information.

Third party website links

Please understand your personal information that you provide to us will only remain on the Site, and we are no way responsible for the privacy practices of other websites which may be linked to the Site.


The Site may use ‘cookie’ technology like many other websites, which is a technology to remember your browser. The cookies were only used to improve your Site experience.

No spam emails

In case of any emails which pretends to be us, spam, phishing attach, you may forward such emails to notify us at

Protecting your personal information

Your personal information should be located on our server based in the United States. By providing any of your personal information, you consent to the transfer in its storage server in the United States. We always try our best to safeguard your personal information from any unauthorized access or disclosure. Every personal information are encrypted but Internet is not a full-fledged secure medium and we cannot guarantee the privacy of your personal information.

Never share your username and password with anyone. If you feel that your credential is being compromised, please change your password or contact our customer service immediately.